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Living enzymes and concentrated nutrients in freshly-squeezed juices are the basis for a natural diet.

The Protagonist

Coco avocado lives in Hong Kong and got diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000. She decided against school medicine and healed herself with the power of food.

On her discovery journey she learned amazing things and has been fascinated by the the role food plays on human health.

Today, Coco gives lectures worldwide on the topic of “Healthy through Prevention”.


The American Cancer Society admits that 75% of all cancers are due to poor diet and a bad lifestyle. One in three people will develop some cancer in their lifetime. Consumption of unheated fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of cancer by 75%, while wheatgrass juice can reduce cancer risk by 95%. (Dr. Robinson – “Living Foods and Cancer” 1984) 

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In the Recipe section you’ll find many exciting ideas for juices, raw food and raw food desserts