Coco Avocado | My Story Conclusion 4: Go on your own study and meet alternative therapists
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My Story Conclusion 4: Go on your own study and meet alternative therapists

Go on your own study and meet alternative therapists, design your own individual program

But in fact it should be the first option.

But what in fact is “Alternative Medicine” ?


It is a treatment that doesn’t harm your body at all, it just can cure but it never harms.

These therapies are not accepted by most of the standard health insurances and you have to pay them from your own pocket,

or you are lucky and have a  private health insurance as they are usually accepting it.

These therapies mostly offered by single Physicians sprinkled all over the world and they have rare studies in their hand to testify the evidence of their best-cases. Usually they have a long waiting list and working day and night, having no time for statistics as they think the patient is more important at this moment.


There are hundreds of different alternative therapies existing, but just a few really work well. These few you have to find.

This is very important, as there are a lot of useless alternative exotic therapies around, they are sometimes quite expensive and I call them the “ esoteric rip-off”


Please check

This is a very good website to find all the information about acancer therapies and cancer diets. But this website did not exist in the year 2000 and I had to go step by step on my own research and reading numerous books.

After 4 weeks of doing intense research ,meeting many interesting people, I was able to develop my own Therapy-Plan.

I called up the Professor of the old school medicine with his very crowded clinic and told him I will not go under Chemotherapy because I decided to go my alternative path.

He shouted at me and told me :  Sooner or later you will regret this decision. You are under a very bad influence and intimidated by the wrong people.

Now I knew : I have to succeed !!!


I created my Survival-Plan  :


  1. Start to eat all vegetables raw in a nice preparation with delicious dressings according to the “ Living Foods- Plan “ of Brian Clement.Just buy anything organic.
  2. Investigate your environment  and detox it from harmful chemicals, your cosmetics, shampoos, cleaning stuff, your bed, your office, check out electric magnetic disturbances, you can do this with a specialist , he will walk around with a Bio-tensor and will measure your environment.
  3. Find out your physical status, analyze your partnership, your family, your relationships
  4. Start to do exercise like weight lifting and such as power-walking, if you like to swim you have to go to the Sauna after each swim to get rid of all the chlorine in the pool what is now in your skin. If you miss this, you can have harmful side effects and your immune system can slow down. I don’t recommend swimming any more as the disadvantages are higher than the benefits.
  5. Read a lot about people who conquered cancer, about Alternative Medicine, start to be your own doctor, the only chance to survive. Study the website
  6. Check out a clinic for Alternative Medicine which can guide you and who have the treatments you need now.


Such as Hyperthermia, Fever-Therapy, THX shots, Colon-Hydro colonics, coffee-enemas,

alkaline infusions with lots of minerals, Vitamin B komplex and high doses Vitamin C,

Mistletoe-Therapy, Enzyme-Therapy, Magnetic Field Therapy,


Ozone Water Therapy

Rife Frequency Therapy

Parasite Therapy


You need  Specialists who will answer all your questions you will have every day.


Just to eat raw, what does it mean?


The basic consideration behind the cancer treatment is that the cancer cells don’t like Oxygen and live and strive on Glucose, therefore you have to built up as much oxygen in your blood as possible so that the blood cells will transport oxygen to the cancer cells and make the cancer cell die. Avoid any sugar, short chain carbohydrates and fructose as cancer cells live from Glucose made out of this.

You have to break the Protein shell of the cancer cell. You can do this with your diet. ( Kelley-Enzyme- protocol, Ketogenic diet)


Starving the cancer cell is called APOPTOSE


This just can happen if you stay away from dead food and you constantly alkaline your body tissue.

The balance of alkaline and acidity in your body is essential to your health.

You have to eat living foods and lots of fresh enzymes and have to move your body.

Nothing will come into motion if you are not in motion.

Change the deadly chemistry of your body – NOW.


I highly recommend to go to a special clinic or retreat I can recommend


What is dead food?

All cooked, pasteurized, and preserved food is dead food as there is no vivid enzyme in it and most of the Vitamins are gone.

Enzymes die from 42 degrees Celsius up and than just minerals and some Vitamins are left in the dead cooked food with lots of starches. Cooking breaks fibers to starches. Starches turn mostly to SUGAR.

But living enzymes help you to digest your food and to transport all the good stuff to the cells where it is needed so barely, in a short time.

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