Hexagonal water
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Hexagonal water

Hexagonal water is more receptive to the transport of nutrients.

Destructured water
Structured water

Vitamins and proteins are bound in a hexagonal structure!

Hexagonal water is more receptive to detoxification.

Destructured water
Structured water

Pollutants are bound in a hexagonal structure!

Experiment with tap water, 280 ppm suspended particles.
A glass was structured with the Tesla oscillator for 5 minutes and

A chemical lye was used in both glasses to determine the hardness
added so that you can make everything visible in the water.

Although both contain the same amount of dirt (280 ppm), the structure is due to
much less stress visible to the energized water.

“That is amazing”
Both water glasses have 280 ppm and obviously compresses that
hexagonal structure the dirt in the water.
The unstructured water glass shows more floating particles.